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Overcoming the pressure to get perfect grades.

Hong Kong teenagers are under great pressure to receive good grades in school. Dr. Andrew Adler, Director of and Clinical Psychologist at the Adler Family Centre states “Teenagers in Hong Kong face extreme pressure, both from their parents and teachers, to perform well academically. This pressure may be the result of the intense competition to get into highly ranked colleges, as well as cultural values emphasising the importance of academic achievement.” Dr. Adler continued that academic pressure “could cause “significant negative consequences for some teenagers. Each teenager is different in that some can tolerate the pressure well, whereas others become overwhelmed. Those teenagers who are less able to cope with the high level of pressure are at greater risk of developing psychological or psychiatric difficulties such as depression and anxiety.

“It may be challenging for many teenagers but developing a different mindset will probably help them place less importance on grades,” says Dr. Adler, “It is best for teenagers to value a wide range of achievements.”

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