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ADHD or ADD is one of the most common disorders among children and teenagers and is increasingly recognized as problem underdiagnosed in adults. ADHD symptoms include inattention and/or impulsivity and hyperactivity. A child with ADHD often has problems at home and school whereas adults usually have difficulty at home and work.
Examples of ADHD symptoms include:


  • Has great difficulty following through on directions instructions
  • Does not seem to listen to others
  • Has problems maintaining attention
  • Does not give close attention to details and makes careless mistakes
  • Has difficulty with organization


  • Is very impatient
  • Blurts out inappropriate comments and tends to act without regard for consequences
  • Has great difficulty waiting for things or taking turns
  • Interrupts conversations or the activities of others


  • Fidgets and squirms when seated
  • Has difficulty sitting still
  • Runs and climbs excessively
  • Talks excessively