Supporting children through psychological care

Providing the highest quality services to schools and their students in Hong Kong.

The Adler Family Centre provides the highest quality services to schools and their students. For students who are having difficulty academically, as well as socially or emotionally, we specialize in psychological and psychiatric evaluations as well as educational consultations.

We also conduct workshops and presentations that address topics and issues that are highly relevant to schools, their staff and students. In addition, The Adler Family Centre provides supervision to school counselors and other staff in related positions.

Evaluations and Consultations

In most cases, schools identify students needing psychological evaluations or educational consultations. Schools usually then request that parents contact a psychologist to provide these services and make arrangements for their payment.

Psychological evaluations

Because social-emotional problems and educational difficulties are often complicated, a psychological evaluation provides answers that may otherwise be difficult to find. We interview the student for an extended time to understand the problems in-depth and how they influence each other. In some cases, we also conduct psychological testing. Sometimes observation of the individual in everyday life (e.g., at school, at home) is included in the evaluation. The psychological evaluation helps to understand the individual more completely is the best approach to making the recommendations, both for schools and parents.

Educational consultations

Our educational consultation with the parent and, on some occasions, with the school, may be an effective approach to help the student who is struggling academically. The psychologist’s expertise can help both parents and schools develop and implement strategies to improve the student’s learning.

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Therapy and Counselling

Therapy and counselling are usually provided at the Adler Family Centre with the student’s parent(s) making arrangement for these services and assuming responsibility for their payment. In some situations, therapy and counselling can be offered at the student’s school.

Individual psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults

For students of all ages, we treat the full range of psychological difficulties. We have considerable expertise in using a wide range of therapeutic strategies to treat ADHD, depression, anxiety, oppositional behavior, autism, shyness and other social problems at home and at school, difficulties with friendships and work-related issues.

Parent counselling

Parents, grandparents and other adults who care for students experience both the joy and satisfaction in helping them become more responsible, independent and caring. However, those who care for students with social-emotional difficulties often become frustrated despite hard work and dedication. Our parent counselling teaches the special skills required to help these students succeed in life. Once these skills are learned, practiced and mastered, students’ behavior can improve and they develop better relationships with those who care for them.

Family therapy

Family therapy is a highly effective form of treatment to address problems that family members have interacting and communicating with each other. By finding more ways of successfully resolving conflicts and finding solutions to problems, family members will develop more satisfying and stronger relationships with each other. Family therapy also can address a wide-range of difficulties faced by individuals, sometimes even more effectively than individual therapy.

Group therapy

Group therapy can be a very successful approach to address a wide range of social-emotional difficulties, regardless of the age of the student. There are several ways that group therapy can be helpful. Participating in groups, led by our well-trained and qualified psychologist, can help by:

  • Learning the skills needed change behavior and then practicing those skills with other group members, and
  • Receiving suggestions from the psychologist and other group members.

Workshops and Presentations

The Adler Family Centre offers a wide variety of presentations and workshops that address a range of concerns and issues of great interest to teachers, school administrators as well as parents and students.

Our staff has considerable expertise presenting and leading workshops that include, but are not limited, to the following:

Reducing Your Child’s Stress in a Competitive World

For all of us, the world has become an increasingly competitive and stressful place. In particular, the negative stress that we all experience in Hong Kong increasingly challenges us, often resulting in our feeling less satisfied with our lives. This workshop teaches parents to better manage their own stress as well as the stress experienced by their children.

Preventing or Ending Computer Addiction

Computers, including mobile phones and similar devices, are indispensable tools in today’s world. However, they also present many challenges for children. Recently, parents and schools have told us that children frequently stay up to the early morning hours, many nights in a row and on school nights, often playing video games. As a result, many children get little sleep which makes it extremely difficult for them to succeed academically. This workshop teaches parents effective strategies in setting reasonable limits on the use of computers and other electronic devices.

Developing a Successful Behavioral Management Plan at Home

All children, whether or not they have significant social emotional difficulties, benefit from a thoughtful and well-developed behavioral plan to improve behavioral, social, emotional and academic functioning. This workshop teaches parents to develop effective behavioral management plans as well as approaches to monitoring and rewarding success.

Working Successfully with Your Child’s Teacher and School Administrators

The challenges of being a parent are great. One area than almost all parents find difficult is communicating successfully with their children’s teachers and school administrators. This workshop provides practical strategies and approaches to help parents more successfully develop a better working relationship with their children’s school and establish a productive ongoing dialogue.


The Adler Family Centre provides supervision to counsellors, learning support teachers and other staff at international as well as bilingual private and public schools. We have both the expertise and experience to provide guidance, both on short-term basis and long-term, depending on the needs of the staff and school.