Psychoeducational Assessments

Our psychoeducational assessments are comprehensive. When we assess a child or teenager, we obtain information from many sources so that we can best understand the nature of the educational and/or psychological difficulties. As a result, we can provide useful recommendations that are easily implemented at a child’s school and home. The following are common problems that we address in our psychoeducational assessments:
Learning Disorders
Not Following Directions
Difficulties With Motivation
Problems getting along with teachers and other students

  • Individual Psychotherapy & Counselling

    We provide treatment to children, teenagers and adults using scientifically proven therapeutic approaches such as cognitive-behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy and Acceptance and Commitment therapy.

  • Family Therapy

    Using a systems-based approach, we help families address a wide range of difficulties including parent-child conflict and grief over the loss of a family member.

  • Couples Counselling

    We help couples, both married and unmarried, with various challenges that interfere with their developing and maintaining satisfying relationships. Areas we address include disagreements about spending money and leisure time, as well as parenting.

  • Group Therapy

    We offer groups addressing issues that children and teenagers often experience. These issues include ADHD/ADD, anxiety, low self confidence and self-esteem and problems getting along with other children.

  • Child Custody Evaluations

    Dr. Adler has considerable experience conducting child custody evaluations. He is dedicated to “the best interests of the child” while at the same time respecting the opinions and wishes of parents. Dr. Adler is a member of the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Family Law Association.

  • Educational Consultations

    We are often approached by schools seeking advice on how to more successfully educate one or more of their students. Using our expertise and experience, we have worked closely with school administrators and teachers to develop more effective educational plans for students who have been unsuccessful despite receiving additional academic services.

  • Presentations & Workshops

    We offer a wide range of presentations and workshops for parents, school staff and students. Recent topics we have addressed in our workshops include helping young children develop emotional regulation skills and teaching anger management skills to children of all ages.

  • Supervision Of Other Professionals In The Fields Of Psychology & Counselling

    We have many years’ expertise supervising experienced therapists, as well as those who are being trained to enter the fields of psychology and counselling.