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There are many therapists and counsellors with various degrees and backgrounds. Often, a psychologist or mental health therapist providing psychotherapy and counseling services specializes in one or two therapeutic approaches. In contrast, we are trained in many different types of psychological therapy and have many years’ experience providing all major therapeutic techniques. Moreover, we rarely treat a client with just one technque. Rather, as specialists in treating mental health in HK, we have achieved great success treating the problems of children, adolescents and adults using multiple therapeutic approaches, sometimes simultaneously and, on other occasions, over time.

From our experietise, experience and understanding of the most recent research that focuses on mental health treatment and behavioral psychology, we know that just using therapuetic strategies is never enough for a client to overcome a problem and a achieve a more content life. In order to be successful in therapy, a client, regardless of age, cultural background or other life situation, must develop a collaborative relationship with his/her therapist or counselor. We make great effforts to develop this relationship in order for us to work with the client to successfully address his/her needs, concerns and problems.

We offer a wide range of psychological services, behavioural psychology and mental health treatment to children, teenagers, adults and their families.


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