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Little Steps Live – How To Know If Your Child Has ADHD

You, your child, or someone you love may struggle with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). According to the Centers for Disease Control, this common mental health concerns affects over 5% of children. In this Facebook Live session, we chatted with Child Psychologist, Dr. Andrew Adler, to understand more about what ADHD is, challenges associated, and ways you can help. This session is in partnership with Parent Genie.

Topics Covered:

* What is ADHD?
* How do you know if your child has ADHD or just some of the symptom of this disorder?
* The challenge of accurate diagnosis?
* Steps you can take, as a parent, to help your child with ADHD, or symptoms of this disorder, at home and collaborate with your child’s school.
* How to know if you have ADHD
* Coping with ADHD

Oct 9, 2018


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